Unleash Your Inner Artist

Take pour painting classes in Billings, MT

You don't have to be an expert artist to create beautiful pieces. Whether you're a life-long creator or you've never even held a paintbrush before, you can learn to make one-of-a-kind art. CrackajacK offers pour painting classes and home décor workshops for customers in Billings, MT.

There's no better way to make sure you've got unique pieces than to create them yourself. Call 406-606-8107 now to schedule your spot in a class.

It's easy to get started

We pride ourselves on making it easy to enroll in a workshop and create pieces you'll love for years to come. Once you've decided to take our class, you'll need to know that...

  • Our up-to-date class schedule is available on Facebook
  • We offer scheduling over-the-phone or in-person
  • We require a 50% non-refundable deposit when you sign up
You'll love how easy it is to get signed up and ready for your home décor workshop or pour painting class. Plus, you'll have a fun conversation piece for the next time you have guests. Contact us today to make your deposit.